Board of Legal Education

Admission as a Legal Practitioner
Admission to the legal profession in Tasmania is by application to the Supreme Court of Tasmania. Enquiries regarding admission applications should be directed to the Registry of the Supreme Court of Tasmania, GPO Box 167, Hobart, Tasmania, 7001, 03-6233 6385, or .
The Legal Profession Act 2007
The statutory requirements for admission are set out in Part 2.2 of the Legal Profession Act 2007.
Admission Information 
Further general information about the process for admission in Tasmania can be found at Admission Information 
Further information on the forms to be used for an application to the Supreme Court for admission can be found at Supreme Court Forms  
Further information on the fees charged by the Supreme Court for an application for admission can be found at Supreme Court Fees  
Qualifications for Admission
The academic and practical legal training requirements for admission are determined by the Board of Legal Education and are set out in the Legal Profession (Board of Legal Education) Rules 2010 
Assessment of Qualifications
An application for an assessment as to the adequacy of academic and practical legal qualifications for admission purposes should be made to the Board of Legal Education.  Applicants with overseas qualifications should be made in accordance with Rule 14 of the Legal Profession (Board of Legal Education) Rules 2010 and be by way of affidavit.  A fee of $200 is charged for assessing overseas academic and practical legal qualifications. The Board of Legal Education of Tasmania can be contacted at 28 Murray Street, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000, 03- 6234 4133, or .